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Directive proposal for opting out of null bubbling

At a glance


This PR builds on #1048, so you should see the diff from that PR:

This introduces a directive on operations that disables the null/error propagation behavior by treating all Non-Null types as if they were Null-Only-On-Error types (see #1048).

The specific name of this directive (currently @nullOnError) is open to workshopping:

  • @noBubblesPlz 😉 or @tepid 🤣
  • @disableNullPropagation / @disableErrorPropagation / @noNullPropagation / @noPropagation / etc
  • @localErrors
  • @dontHandleErrorsForMeIKnowWhatImDoing
  • {your suggestion here}

This PR currently only includes a description of the directive and an example; the implementation is yet to come (hence: draft).