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Benjie Gillam

Hi; I'm Benjie!

Check out the 👉 GraphQL Spec RFC tracker! 👈

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I'm a community funded open-source developer, working in the intersections of GraphQL, Node.js and PostgreSQL under the umbrella "Graphile".

Regarding GraphQL; I'm a member of the TSC (technical steering committee), a significant contributor to the spec, and am very active in the working group community. Looking to contribute to the GraphQL specification, but need some guidance? Reach out to me via the GraphQL Discord in the #graphql-spec channel — I'm @Benjie — and I'll help however I can.

If your company uses (or is considering using) any of the software in the Graphile stack (PostGraphile, Grafast, Graphile Worker, Graphile Migrate, Graphile Starter, pgRITA, etc) and wishes to consult with me, you can book a call now, or reach to my first name to discuss other options.


Some of the open source projects I maintain:

  • Grafast - a cutting-edge planning and execution engine for GraphQL
  • PostGraphile - an unopinionated tool to speed up development of extremely high performance GraphQL APIs backed primarily by a PostgreSQL database
  • Graphile Worker - a high-performance Postgres-backed job queue
  • Graphile Migrate - a highly opinionated forward-only migration framework for PostgreSQL
  • Graphile Starter - a highly opinionated SaaS starter backed by the Graphile suite

Find more on my GitHub profile.

Social media

Find @Benjie on:, Twitter, or the Graphile or GraphQL Discords.

Support me

I can only do the open source work I do thanks to the support of my sponsors; to enable me to keep doing it, please sponsor me!