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Benjie Gillam

Schedule a call with the sponsor discount

This page is for organizations and individuals sponsoring Benjie at $25/mo or above only; it applies a significant discount over regular call booking. You must enter your GitHub Sponsors handle when booking the call (if you sponsor as an organization, enter the organization handle). If you sponsor via Patreon or direct invoicing, please reach out to Jem for your code. If you book a call through this interface and we're unable to confirm that you sponsor him, your call may be cancelled.

Please note: paying for @graphile/pro or pgRITA does not count as sponsorship.

If you do not sponsor Benjie for at least $25/mo, please use the regular booking interface.

You can book an hour of screen sharing below. During the call, you can ask Benjie question related to your GraphQL, Node.js and/or PostgreSQL projects. Benjie will try and help you, and may point you to relevant documentation and examples, speak about various practices that can be applied, talk about tooling that may help, help you debug problems in your code, write small code samples, etc.

To get the most out of our call, please prepare a list of discussion points/questions beforehand (do not send them), make sure you have a development environment set up you can use to demonstrate any issues, and make sure your code is committed so that edits can be easily tracked.

Calls are held on Zoom; you will be emailed an invitation soon after booking (please get in touch via team at graphile dot com if you don't receive it within 30 minutes). You may invite up to 9 of your colleagues to join you on the call, and you may record the Zoom session (but we accept no responsibility if the recording does not work). Since this is an ad-hoc conversation with no preparation or review process, neither Benjie nor Graphile Ltd. can accept any responsibility or liability for actions taken during or as a result of the call. Any information or code received should be validated and evaluated critically before being acted upon/used.